Body BioTyping Food Plan

Have you noticed how we are all different shapes and sizes?

Or how foods affect everyone differently?

Or rather how foods affect your body differently to your friends?

How some people gain weight easily and others seem to eat loads and not gain any weight?

Or how some people gain weight in particularly areas? Like tummy, bottom, hips?

Body Typing & Metabolism speed can explain these questions and give you tips towards healthy eating and lifestyle changes that are specific to your body type.

Your body shape and body type are down to your genetics. What's amazing is that these are actually VISIBLE to you right now. You don't have to have an extremely expensive DNA blood test to reveal a lot of the answers about patterns in your DNA. Because your DNA has shaped who you are right now!

How tall you are? Where you gain weight due to hormone levels? Your emotional characteristics? How hungry are you? These are questions we ask in our Body BioTyping quiz and metabolism quiz. They refer to your DNA, but we don't need a blood test, we just ask you the question. 



Once you know your BodyType, discovered using the easy and quick online quiz you will receive an explanation of your BodyType and lifestyle and food hints, tips and plans to improve your health, energy and lose weight if wanted. It may indicate to you a new way of eating or highlight where you may be doing something completely wrong!

Body BioTyping can indicate that maybe you should or shouldn’t be vegan, vegetarian, carnivore or paleo. This is the most interesting aspect. As often health gurus will preach about a style of eating that everyone must follow. But one way of eating just won’t suit everyone on the planet as we are all different! Our metabolisms ,our shapes and sizes, our genetic heritage and where we came from are all different and so what foods suit our metabolism will be different.

As a great example Eskimos and Africans have very different diets. If you swapped their diets they wouldn’t suit the other and their health would deteriorate yet the diets they are on give them great health.

Eating in this specific way for you can stop those annoying blood sugar crashes after eating meals that don't suit you. It can also help you lose weight by avoiding "danger" foods for your Body Type and also helping you understand the correct mix of proteins, fat and carbohydrates you should have at each meal. 

Our Metabolism Speed quiz is also simple to take. This gives us yet more information about what you should eat for best health and weight loss. This one is more specific to the ratio's of protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat. Again, Christian our naturopath of 26 years will look at your results and tell you the bespoke plans. 

For example this will tell you if you should eat more meat at each meal or more carbs like fruit and veg. Then you'll understand whether having that morning smoothie actually suits you or not. Or whether you can cope with being Paleo, carnivore, vegetarian or vegan. 


 Eating healthy is easy, right? 

So why bother eating in a way that suits you specifically? Why not just eat healthily?

Like many things in the world there are two sides of the coin for everything. If you are eating a really poor diet, fast foods, packet foods, junk foods, then yes a broad-sweeping better diet with fruit and vegetables and meat will make a great difference. That’s one side of the coin.

The other side is if you think you are eating well, or a least trying but it just isn’t working. You aren’t getting the improvements you want, you don’t lose weight, you get cravings, you feel bloated and full or hungry all the time, you are tired or have emotional swings related to eating or not eating.

This is where understanding your body type and metabolic speed will help you refine what you are doing. I see so many patients that say they are eating in a particular way for their health but don’t feel any better or feel worse!

If this is you then understanding your body typed metabolic speed can really help you.

Let's look at some real life examples

Have you tried intermittent fasting or time restricted eating? 

Are you using time restricted eating, or intermittent fasting? These are the current trending ways of eating. But do they suit you?

I very commonly see patients where it isn't working for them at all. Usually they are stressed-out people. Often they are busy mums, that are stressed and rushed and not eating well. They are actually NOT eating enough.

They have the shakes, anxiety, worry, stubborn fat gain, and hormone problems, including being hangry and having mood outbursts from blood sugar crashes.

Intermittent fasting, which is not having breakfast until later in the day, (basically skipping breakfast) makes them feel WORSE!

A big scientific study found that delaying your breakfast until after 9am increased your chances of type 2 diabetes! What?? But isn’t everyone telling us that delaying breakfast is fantastic for us!? 

This is a nice example of how one diet doesn’t fit all. By the way, there are also plenty of studies that show interment fasting IS good for you… Hmmm Confusing…

This is just one example of how one diet does NOT fit all

What we have in this package is a way to find what is best for YOU.

Let's take another example.

How about the fad of having a smoothie or juice in the morning?

Okay, let’s take the good and bad of this one. Juices are a great way of packing in loads of nutrients into a quick meal. This is great. The Gerson therapy is a natural illness approach that used juices for this reason.

But consider this.

Juices are usually loaded up with fruits which are high sugar. Most people stick a banana and strawberries in. Also all great! As they have valuable plant nutrients.

But what if your metabolic type is one that better uses protein and fats for fuel? It means that even though this smoothie may have great nutrition it also has a higher carbohydrate content will give you a blood sugar crash and hunger, mood swings, cravings etc.

On the other hand if your metabolic type suits carbs then all good you’ll feel great.

But which type are you?

What will you receive --> 

You will receive an incredible amount of information that is easy to put into action to improve your health:

  • Quiz to find out your BodyType which our Naturopath of 26 years will then examine to determine your Body Type
  • Explanation of your BodyType
  • Explanation of your metabolic speed and how to eat to maximise your metabolism
  • Your BodyType: Pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, gonad, gonad-pituitary
  • Food plans for your BodyType
  • Foods to avoid for your specific  BodyType
  • Weight loss tips for your specific BodyType
  • What "fad" diet will suit you and those that won't (paleo, carnivore, vegan etc)
  • You will also receive over 100 healthy recipes including high protein, low carb, vegetarian, vegan, smoothies, desserts, snacks and more to start you on your health re-creation journey

*** And these bonus ebooks to improve your health ***

  • Hormone health recipe bundle
  • Liver health guide
  • Gut health guide and recipe bundle
  • Sugar detox guide and recipes
  • Healthy sleep guide


When eating correctly you will minimise: 

  • Energy slumps and crashes
  • Hunger and cravings in-between meals
  • Feeling too full after a meal
  • Still feeling hungry after eating too much
  • Gaining weight when you don't each much
  • Getting "Hangry" after a meal, which is hungry and angry

But maximise:

  • Energy after meals
  • Feeling satisfied gftermeal not hungry or "stuffed"
  • Less cravings for sugar, fats, carbs or salt (depending on your metabolism)
  • More stable emotions if they are trigger by blood sugar imbalances
  • More stable blood sugar
  • Less brain fog if food triggered




After purchase you will receive a link to the Body BioTyping quiz.

Fully complete the quiz. This will then be sent to our team. We will personally look over the answers and then send you the Body BioTyping plans and lifestyle tips and all bonuses! 

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