Body BioTyping

Have you noticed how we are all different shapes and sizes?

Or how foods affect everyone differently?

Or rather how foods affect your body differently to your friends?

How some people gain weight easily and others seem to eat loads and not gain any weight?

Or how some people gain weight in particularly areas? Like tummy, bottom, hips? 

Body Typing can explain these questions and give you tips towards healthy eating and lifestyle changes that are specific to your body type.

Once you know your BodyType, discovered using the online quiz you will receive an explanation of your BodyType and lifestyle and food hints, tips and plans to improve your health. It may indicate to you a new way of eating or highlight where you may be doing something completely wrong!

Body BioTyping can indicate that maybe you should or shouldn’t be vegan, vegetarian, carnivore or paleo. This is the most interesting aspect. As often health gurus will preach about a style of eating that everyone must follow. But one way of eating just won’t suit everyone on the planet as we are all different! Our metabolisms ,our shapes and sizes, our genetic heritage and where we came from are all different and so what foods suit our metabolism will be different. 

As a great example Eskimos and Africans have very different diets. If you swapped their diets they wouldn’t suit the other and their health would deteriorate yet the diets they are on give them great health.

The amazing news is that Body BioTyping is FREE to Wellness Club members. At least for the time being. 

You will receive:

  • Quiz to find out your Body Type
  • Explanation of your Body Type
  • Food plans for your body Type
  • Foods to avoid for your body type
  • 100 recipe ideas for you to adapt for your Body Type
  • Natruopathic tips
  • 14 days of health challenges