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Whether you have been working hard, or relaxing hard, it is always a good time for a little self-love. Nothing gets in the way of relaxing more than the feeling of dry, cracked skin. It makes it hard to get comfortable, and can even be quite painful at times. We formulated our CBD Moisturizing Balm with healing and relaxation in mind and brought together a blend of carefully selected oils, organic broad-spectrum CBD, beeswax and shea butter, to create the most soothing and moisturizing CBD balm on the market.

This aromatic balm ignites the senses with the tangy essence of citrus whilst calming the skin with gentle, creamy shea butter and a perfect combination of soothing oils. We wanted to bring you a full range of moisturizing oils that each offer their own unique addition to our formula. We added olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to help shea butter in its quest to help your skin. Next we added our organic broad-spectrum CBD, so you can experience all of the beneficial compounds that the hemp plant has to offer. Finally we add sunflower oil to the mix for a couple reasons: it compliments the other oils in its ability to moisturize the skin, but also stands out because it is rich in MCTs.

MCTs, also known as Medium-chain Triglycerides, are involved in a myriad of metabolic functions and help the body break down food, and convert it into energy that the body is then able to use to keep you going through your busy day. MCT oil, through a similar process, helps your body absorb CBD more rapidly, thus making it more quickly bioavailable. This is important because it helps speed the body’s process along, and allows all of the beneficial compounds to do their job faster.