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SOS Face & Body Tonic

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Produced from a variety of natural essences SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is a mild blend of essential oils and refreshing plant extracts, including:

- Lavender 
- Sandalwood
- Lemongrass 
- Oregano 
- Geranium 
- Palma Rosa 
- Pine Needle 
- Spikenard 
- Rosewood
- Almond 
- Coconut

SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic can be used for washing skin, hair. What’s more it can be used in the kitchen to wash hands before handling food.

Blended from a range of natural essences SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is a carefully formulated combination of botanical oils and natural plant extracts which have long been traditionally considered as a having positive impact on Health and well-being.

Being made from natural ingredients SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is mild & gentle enough for use by the whole family.

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